Care Homes Investments

Care Homes Investments Opulence Invest

An investment opportunity that provides regular income and capital growth.

Consider investing in a fully complete and operational care home in the UK!

Owning a care home suite is fast becoming a popular investment choice as an alternative to a traditional buy-to-let property.

The UK population is getting older, with the over 85 age group now the fastest growing age demographic in the UK.

This combined with high returns, no running costs and no stamp duty make an excellent addition to any investment portfolio.

Care Homes Investments Opulence Invest

Regular Income
Quarterly income payments

Care Homes Investments Opulence Invest

Fully Managed
No hassle and no extra costs

Care Homes Investments Opulence Invest

8-10% Annual Interest

Care Homes are a viable alternative to traditional buy-to-let properties for investors who prefer hands-off, income generators with no ongoing fees. The UK Care homes industry is worth a staggering £22.2 billion as it stands but these figures are only set to rise as the population is growing at an incredible rate and the UK Government has committed to a spend of £3.8 billion into this sector year on year.

Our chosen developers are recognised and approved by commissioners, inspectorates, NHS, and social services alike. They have worked with more than 200 care homes, providing guidance for new start up’s, crisis management, the provision of care services, and registration advice. Implementing their personally developed ARASP (Absolute Risk Assessment Strategy Planning) has assured regulatory compliance and mitigated risks in controlled care settings in both England and Wales.

Investment Highlights

· Own a physical asset in the UK

· Assured yield of 8-10 % per annum paid Quarterly

· Buy Backs successfully executed

· 250 year title deed

· Buy to Let hands off investment

· Registered ownership with the land registry

· Investment in the Healthcare sector in the United Kingdom.

· Fully managed investment

· Over 3 years paid returns track record, approaching 4th year

· Ethical Investment

· Returns funded by UK Health Authority (Government Body)

· Running Homes & Occupied Rooms

· Specialist occupied Care rooms focusing on; Dementia, Mental Health, 1-2-1 Care

· Recession Proof and Brexit proof investment

· Up to 3% Capital appreciation Per Year

· GUARANTEED Buy Back Options

Care Homes Investments Opulence Invest
Care Homes Investments Opulence Invest

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